Comic 27 - Intermission: Gideon Recruitment Drive

10th Nov 2014, 9:30 AM in Vs Cultists
Intermission: Gideon Recruitment Drive
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Space Jawa 10th Nov 2014, 9:30 AM edit delete
Now this...well, first and foremost it's the first of two intermission comics this week before the main storyline (for lack of a better term) continues.

More than that, however, it's probably THE thing I could point to right now and say "I'm doing this comic for my own reasons more than anyone else". When you get right down to it, this comic's probably not all that good, it's mostly made up of in-jokes, and it's the laziest comic I've done to date - I only drew each of those characters twice - once for a base model that I pretty much just copy+pasted with a few touches and then a second time for their big lineup shot. All in all, I didn't put near the same amount of effort into this comic as I normally do.

It's also arguably nothing more than cheap fan fiction in webcomic form - about the only two things I could have done to make it MORE fan fiction-y were to write myself in somehow and write Elspeth(!) as still being alive. That and maybe give myself a reason to leave out the elf and vampire.

DESPITE all that, however, I still got some kicks and giggles making it and decided to use it as a filler piece anyway, for little reason other than that's what I felt like doing. It's my webcomic, I'm making it for free, I'm making it in my spare time, and it's not part of a larger, ongoing story that I'm going to make people sit through for the next few weeks.

So why SHOULDN'T I use that to take a moment and put together a comic for my own self-indulgment every once in a while?

And frankly, I don't even have much an audience to speak of writing this, either. So it's not like I have much of a readership to drive away right now, anyway. Right? :^P
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