Comic 272 - Vs The Theory of Evilution (Epilogue #3)

13th Oct 2017, 9:30 AM in Vs The Theory of Evilution
Vs The Theory of Evilution (Epilogue #3)
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Space Jawa 13th Oct 2017, 9:30 AM edit delete
Back when my brothers and I were younger, one of them and I would play the Pokemon TCG, and our Mom tried to get at least some understanding of what we were doing, but never really wrapped her head around the rules.

Her thoughts on the complexity of it all were basically summed up with her saying "...except on Tuesdays", which now comes to mind any time I consider the complexity of something that my Mom is likely to become frustrated with trying to comprehend.

(It's either that or 'Thursdays', I can't remember. I should probably ask her some time.)

The relevance of this memory is that while putting this page together, I had flashbacks to my brother and I trying to explain what we were doing while playing Pokemon TCG (and probably doing a poor job of it, to be fair) and our Mom's reaction to such.

Anyway, that anecdote out of the way, "Vs The Theory of Evilution" is, now, in fact, fully concluded, this is the very last final page of the story arc. Which took far more pages to get through than I anticipated when I originally was putting it together. I in no way expected that when I started it would take me roughly a year and half to finish.


So now that that is out of the way, it's time to move forward.

First, there's going to of course be another intermission. It's probably going to be a long intermission. I don't know when the next story arc will begin, but I plan to at least get the script for it all written first before I start doing art for the first pages. So the longer it takes me to get it done, the longer it'll be till you get to see it.

I will be putting out intermission pages in the meantime, and I do know the basics of what the next story is going to be - It's actually going to be a Beat Stuff Up Man story without Beat Stuff Up Man making a significant appearance if he shows up at all.

Instead, it's going to be a side story starring a couple other characters that have previously appeared, called "The Spawn of Quth-Clu!". So that right there should give some hint about what's coming.

Two other bits - One, I'm going to be looking into and considering another hosting site in addition to what I'm currently using here at Comic Fury. For the forseable future the pages will still be posted here, but I'm going to be looking at other options as well as an attempt at additional or superior exposure. it stands, I originally started this comic as a side project, something to keep me productive while working on larger projects, something I could point to and tell myself I was actually making stuff. Except, somewhere along the way, this comic would up being a more time-consuming effort than my primary projects, to the point where I think that as is it's doing me more harm than good (especially with as few readers as I have - don't get me wrong, I appreciate everyone who's been reading this thing regularly and would count themselves as fans, but the plain and simple fact is that statistically speaking your nonexistent in number - right now, this comic is having a good day if it get as many as 20 visitors).

In other words, for a side project, it's eating up a disproportionally large amount of my time each week. (On which note I should say more power and credit to all the folks out there who manage to put together a far superior product each week while still finding the time for all the other stuff in their lives).

Which is why I'm dropping what regularity this comic's release schedule still has. I've been planning this for a while, but I'm only doing it now because I've finally completed the latest story arc and I do realize that the lack of a reliable release date each week does bring an increased risk of the comic dying, and I thought at the very least, I owed it to what readers I do have to make sure the current story arc got finished. It wouldn't be fair to you otherwise.

I have no intention of letting this thing go on hiatus or dying, but at least now you do have forewarning in case this is merely the next phase in Beat Stuff Up Man undergoing the typical Webcomic life cycle and simply fading out.

But again, seriously, to the handful of you out there who do read this thing regularly?

Thank you.

(And Hi, Mom)
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