Comic 273 - Intermission: We Have The Meats

30th Oct 2017, 9:30 AM in Intermission Winter 2017
Intermission: We Have The Meats
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Space Jawa 30th Oct 2017, 9:30 AM edit delete
You ever been a fan of a commercial or series of ads without really caring about the company or product being advertised?

Because that's kind of how I feel about Arby's and their "We Have the Meats" TV ads. I have nothing against Arby's, their food is alright, it's just not my preferred choice of restaurant.

Their "We Have the Meats" ad campaign, on the other hand? Those things are delicious. It's like a sandwich for the ears, stuffed with thick-cut gusto and topped with a delicious sauce made up of just the right mix of comedy and humor, all assembled by a spokesman who knows exactly what he's doing.

So I felt inclined at taking my own crack at it, but cranking it up a notch in a way they probably couldn't or wouldn't ever do for real.
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