Comic 71 - Live Free or be Harder To Kill

1st Apr 2015, 8:00 AM in Intermission April 2015
Live Free or be Harder To Kill
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Space Jawa 1st Apr 2015, 8:00 AM edit delete
Improvisation may be an essential skill for any DM, but so is prep work getting ready for each session. If your DM provides you with useful reference material, you should probably check it out. You never know what kind of fun tricks you might manage to pull off with it.

Plus, you know, said DM will probably love it if you actually put some time in to appreciate their hard work and effort.


APRIL 2ND EDIT: Not that I made much effort to hide it or play it up, but if you didn't guess already, this was, in fact, my contribution to the yearly prank fest known as April Fools Day.

While Thanksgiving may be my favorite holiday overall, when it comes to the internet I absolutely love the way so many people are able to have so much fun doing ridiculous things each year for a laugh. So I thought that since I now have my own webcomic that I've successfully managed to keep running, I should absolutely contribute something!

Long story short, I came up with doing a single page that imagines if some of the characters were playing an RPG campaign and the players of a campaign comic. Same characters, but in a slightly more mundane situation than normal.

Bear in mind this comic isn't canon, but I would like to think that it still fits with the existing and yet to be written characterization of Beat Stuff Up Man, Janet, and Wash Jr.
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