Comic 84 - Evil Wears a Bow Tie! (8)

13th May 2015, 9:30 AM in Evil Wears a Bow Tie!
Evil Wears a Bow Tie! (8)
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Space Jawa 13th May 2015, 9:30 AM edit delete
Like many things, Splash Pages are great when used sparingly and strategically. They don't leave much room for story, but they're great for getting 'big' stuff out there. Like this page here where, in some strange alternate universe where Beat Stuff Up Man were a major movie instead of a dinky little webcomic, it be the kind of scene I imagine would be one of those set pieces they try to sell seeing it in theaters on.

As a bonus, I took the effort to save a larger, textless version of this page as well that I'll put up and link to once this comic has gone live in about a week an half from when I'm uploading it (for reference for those keeping score at home).
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